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WinGo Plan winter marathon has somehow turned into a spring one

Over the past few months we have implemented a number of important updates. Now WinGo Plan will be even more convenient to work with. And we have a lot of new tasks ahead.

Partly because some of the revisions were more complicated than we expected, there was a lot to consider actually and sometimes even redo, but also because there is no limit to perfection and it can sometimes be hard to stop.

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We continue our seasonal marathon of surprises for WinGo Plan project planning and management system!

This is a time of seasonal gifts. Usually it is a couple bucks discount for subscription. But we decided that adding more features is much more valuable for you. If thanks to the new WinGo Plan functionality you compose good plans for the upcoming year and accomplish them successfully, it should be much more useful than $2 or even $5 discount.That is why we are starting New Year marathon with updates, new features and other valuable surprises.

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A Price Change

Maybe, you have noticed that the subscription fees to WinGo Plan in the App Store and Play Market have changed. We have added new features, and are adding more soon, so we hope that even with the increased price, our project planning and management system will be worth the purchase.