WinGo Plan

Different Kind of Planner

This is not Like Other Planners

It carries a unique approach to planning based on:


Tasks in WinGo Plan are grouped into stages and stages into projects

You can set deadlines for intermediary stages and define a list of tasks that are necessary to complete each stage.

Tasks can be big or small; just set an Importance level for each one.


No more long, boring lists! The WinGo Man will show you the status of each project: whether you are on schedule, or need to hurry up.

Keep track of how many days are left until the end of every project; WinGo Plan shows a countdown to deadlines.

Movement Towards a Goal

Select tasks from different projects and create a plan for the near future. Then see how much each task brings you closer to your goal.

Don't forget to make sure that the WinGo Man stays green.

For Those Who Are not Satisfied with Standard Solutions

- For lovers of chaos who hate having a set schedule

- For multitaskers who like to do a lot of things at once

- For people who hate routines

- Who often get distracted by other things

- Who are afraid to take on something big but want to realize their dreams

- Who need extra motivation and an element of game

For anyone who cares about the result more than process!

WinGo Plan Will Help You Make Your Plans a Reality

To Meet Deadlines

Notifications will remind you of upcoming deadlines. Widgets will help you stay up to date with current situations. And syncing between devices allows you to make plans and implement them anywhere, even on the go.

To Analyze Results

In WinGo Plan, completed tasks do not disappear from a list immediately after they get checked off. On the contrary, you can all you have done for each project and evaluate the results of your day-to-day work.

Become Your Buddy

We tried to make WinGo Plan feel warm and full of personality. We hope that it will become your loyal friend, and bring additional motivation and an element of fun to your daily routine and the implementation of big ideas.

How WinGo Plan Works

Plan for 1, 2, 3 - and achieve your goals

Create projects and set time periods for each

Add intermediary stages and define their deadlines

Break stages into tasks and do not forget the Importance

Compete your tasks and check them

Do not forget about deadlines

Make sure WinGo Man is green on all your projects

Determine Your Goals

Completing business, writing a book, or performing a renovation; anything can be a project

  • set deadlines and keep track of your progress,
  • if WinGo is green, it means everything is OK,
  • if it turns red, it means you need to hurry up to meet your deadlines.

Break It Down into Steps

Add intermediary stages that need to be completed by specific deadlines

  • each stage consists of tasks for which there is no specific deadline,
  • you can set the importance of tasks based on their impact on the result,
  • you can add as many stages and tasks as you want.

Make a Plan for Your Day

Pick tasks from different projects to plan your day.

  • put stars next to the tasks that need to be done first,
  • open up “Ongoing” to get a simple, convenient list,
  • check off tasks as you complete them and at the end of the day you can evaluate the results and make your plan for the following day.


These and other reviews can be found in the App Store and on GooglePlay.

I love to organise and have goals/projects's to aim for. This app has so far been simple but great to use. Highly recommend for those starting something new and need to organise with task upon task.

Maine Creations

Visual and motivating app. The style of it helps to convert ideas to actions.

productivity is nice

Excellent Potential. It’s a nice interface to navigate, user friendly, and has a warmth.


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