WinGo Plan Features

In the heart of WinGo Plan - the planning and goals achievement system - are:

Focus on achieving goals

Every day we have to perform many tasks: related to work and home, business development and education, hobbies and health... Tasks can be big and small, important and minor, pleasant and annoying.

In ordinary to-do lists, it is often not clear why to perform some routine, difficult or unpleasant task? Often you want to put it off. After all, if you postpone it until tomorrow or even not do it at all, the world will not collapse? Or it will?

WinGo Plan planner: projects’ progress

In WinGo Plan, all tasks are grouped into projects. Each project is a goal that you want to achieve. Each task has the Importance, which shows how close completing this particular task brings you to your goal. The Importance is not always related to the time. For example, you are preparing a conference, and if you do not find a key speaker, the event may fail. The search can take several days, or just a call. But the fulfillment of the important task gives you confidence that the event will happen.

Understanding how each of the tasks brings you closer to the goal allows you to decide which one to focus on first and what can be postponed. And the goal always remains in front of your eyes.

Planning flexibility: for different people and circumstances

All people are different. And the circumstances are different.

Some people start the morning by making a plan for the day and stick to it with minimal deviations. And there are the chaotics, for whom following a rigid schedule causes a feeling akin to claustrophobia. But they also need to have plans and meet deadlines.

Often the focus on deadlines helps not to be distracted. But for many people, the constantly looming deadline for the project delivery adds stress, for them it is more effective to see progress and how much has already been done.

Even one person plans and behaves differently in different situations. All of us have working projects where following the schedule and meeting deadlines is very important, current affairs that are important not to be abandoned, and hobbies. And everyone has emergencies - projects with tough deadlines, when stress is off scale and we need to minimize it.

WinGo Plan adapts to your temperament, lifestyle and different life situations:

  • Projects with dates and milestones will go to work tasks, event planning, training.
  • Projects with dates but without milestones can be used for disparate current work tasks for a day or a week.
  • Projects without deadlines but with milestones are good for learning or, for example, an apartment renovation planning.
  • And projects without deadlines and without stages are ideal for recording new ideas, self-development tasks, etc.

All deadlines are displayed on a separate tab. And important or urgent tasks and milestones are collected on Ongoing screen.

WinGo Plan planner: projects’ deadlines

Motivation when implementing plans

Planning is important, but most of us get bogged down in execution. To fulfill the plan and move towards achieving your goals every day is a very difficult task. And WinGo Plan will give you extra motivation.

First, often just the understanding that unloved dishwashing brings you closer to overall cleanliness of your house, and that the preparation of papers is a quarter of the way to the successful completion of the project, can provide additional incentive.

Secondly, the completed tasks are marked over on the project path, and you see the progress. And Wignomen runs through the project, counting the time and changing color depending on whether you meet the deadline or not.

WinGo Plan planner: ongoing tasks and milestones, daily plan

Thirdly, in Ongoing, completed tasks do not disappear into nowhere, they remain in place so that at the end of the day or week you can evaluate how well you worked and how many tasks you completed.

Just start using WinGo Plan for free, to understand how much it helps you in your daily routine and ideas implementation.