About our team

WinGo Plan has been developing by not big by professional team. We are located worldwide, but the core members are working together more than 10 years developing mobile applications and web services for our customers.

Although we have other bestsellers and awards winning apps in our portfolio, but WinGo Plan is our own project, our startup, based on our experience, knowledge, and methodology. It is our secret passion full of emotions.

Here are some people participating in WinGo Plan planner development:

Olga Zavadska – cofounder, project owner, lead methodologist;

Sergey Hiker – cofounder, architect, backend, Android application;

Natalya Zherebilova – project management, methodology;

Yaroslav Simonenko – iOS, Android applications;

Kenneth Marchic – English texts;

Gilberto de Medeiros - Spanish & Portuguese localizations;

Danila Voynov - French localization;

Dima Hubachev – web layouts

And some others people who prefer not to be public.

Special thanks to:

Sergey Pfluk for many valuable ideas

Konstantin Iordanidi for regular advising and admonitions

And of cause Niyaz Salybayev for believing in the idea, support and furtherance on the earliest stage!

By the way, as IT professionals we pay special attention to your privacy. We don’t ask for personal data such as real name or phone number.
Our servers are hosted on Amazon.