We continue our seasonal marathon of surprises for WinGo Plan project planning and management system!

This is a time of seasonal gifts. Usually it is a couple bucks discount for subscription. But we decided that adding more features is much more valuable for you. If thanks to the new WinGo Plan functionality you compose good plans for the upcoming year and accomplish them successfully, it should be much more useful than $2 or even $5 discount.That is why we are starting New Year marathon with updates, new features and other valuable surprises.

Today we have launched WinGo Plan project planning and management system update for iPhones, iPads and new Mac computers. It includes:

  • - Now you can add to Ongoing not only tasks but stages also.
  • - You can choose start screen. If deadlines are critical for you, then choose Deadlines as a start screen. If project progress is more important - set Timelines.
  • - Hiding projects which you are not working with right now.
  • - Choosing to add or not to add [Copy] you duplicate stages or tasks.
  • - And some small fixes and improvements.

WinGo Plan for Android with the same projects planning and management functionality is almost ready. It is in testing process now and will available in Play Market a bit later.

But that is far not all you will get until the end of the year :) The main surprise is still ahead!