What’s new in WinGo Plan: January updates

New opportunities to achieve your goals and increased limits for free users. Thank you for staying with us!

WinGo Plan is expanding and becoming more popular, so we can increase the limits for free users. Now these are 5 projects, 15 stages and 50 tasks.

This limitation has another reason: experts discovered that a person without trained skills can simultaneously focus on five, better three, goals. Newbies often want to plan everything and move in all directions at once. This can lead to confusion, and then burnout. If you are a beginner in planning your life, WinGo Plan’s free functionality should be enough for you. And when you feel yourself capable of more, we are waiting for you among our premium subscribers.

We have also prepared new features for our premium subscribers, but they will appear in future versions. For example, a new type of tracking progress towards a goal, expanding the capabilities of the Ongoing tab. Don’t want to disclose all the details yet, but we have planned a large number of innovations.

Updates will be released frequently in the near future. Some changes will not be visible; we will improve the code to increase stability and lay the foundation for new functions in the future. Some of them, we are sure, will pleasantly surprise you. But simplicity and intuitiveness continue to be among our first priorities.

We receive many support messages suggesting new features. We don’t always react and respond fast, but believe us, we carefully read, systematize and take into account absolutely all messages when we plan updates.

Thank you very much to all our users! Special thanks to our premium subscribers and those who leave reviews on the App Store and Google Play! You help us to develop WinGo Plan.