New WinGo Plan Web

Today we are launching a completely updated web version of WinGo Plan, for computers. On the surface right now it is very similar to the previous one, but technically this is a completely different development, made on other software technologies.

Recently, the web version has become far behind the features that are already available in WinGo Plan for iOS and Android. But the solution we originally developed was not flexible enough to add new functionality, so now we have completely rewritten it.

In the new WinGo Plan Web already available:

  • projects, stages and tasks; Progress, Deadlines and Ongoing sections;
  • all 4 types of projects, available at mobile app;
  • and new languages. In addition to English we added Spanish, Portuguese and French.

In the next WinGo Plan Web update we are planning to notes for projects, milestones and tasks and other features.

‼️ Reminder: today there may be small breaks in work - up to 5 minutes.

If you use only the mobile application (iOS or Android), then most likely you won’t even notice this: your projects will be synchronized as soon as the server is updated.

And, as usual, if there are any problems, we are in touch. Contact us through the feedback form in applications, on the website or in the browser version.